In the year 2016 Parrilla la Balanza was awarded the Guinness Record roasting and selling more than 6000 thousand chickens for the benefit of Gines Cairo Medina Elderly Home. (Maldonado)

Since 2010 we support the brand
Uruguay Natural, promoting quality, good
service and care of the environment.


With a traditional and warm family ambience, Parrilla la Balanza awaits you to schedule your lunches or dinners in its pleasant and spacious lounge, with a grill in sight, a wide variety of wines and the most traditional desserts, among which stand out delicious cakes made at home.

Come enjoy our exquisite homemade cuisine, with good prices and excellent quality products.

We always wait for you with the best disposition to assist you.



Alberto Sena, current owner of Parrilla la Balanza, began working as a barbecue on July 25, 1995 in a small barbeque that was located in Jose Pedro Varela and Zelmar Michellini where the only scale of trucks that existed in Maldonado worked and turned out to be a very special incentive that among other things would give the current name to the restaurant.

Horacio, who at that time was the owner, on March 13, 1996, gave him the premises.
The loyal clientele that went to the place was made up of no more than 20 people, most of them men, were going to drink beer and each one had a jar with his name.
The balance only opened its doors at night and the grill menu was the most classic, it was made roasted, sausage, blood sausage, kidney and chicken
In the year 2002 the restaurant moved and reopened in a central location in Santa Teresa and 25 de Mayo with the name of Parrilla la Balanza where more space was available, 32 people at the beginning and in December of the same year the external room for 72 more people.
In the year 2009, the installations were renewed for more comfort of the clients and the wine cellar room was inaugurated.

Another demonstration of thrust and dedication of Parrilla la Balanza during all this time is the constant support to the local sport and organizing several solidarity works for the benefit of local institutions.

Nowadays and just like in the past, Parrilla la Balanza continues to have the same desire to improve and it does it day by day making the grill its registered brand, bringing to each of the tables the most traditional of our cuisine and the warmest disposition.



We are a company in constant improvement, helping the city of Maldonado with social works and taking care of the cuisine of our country with homemade racetas as part of our culture.


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Parrilla la Balanza



Reservations are confirmed from 11:00 am. to 1:30 pm. and 8:00 pm. to 9:30 pm.

We are open every day from 12:00 pm to 02:00 am

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